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​About Us


Carbon Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue. Our goal is to fix, vaccinate, and find homes for as many cats in our community as possible.


We are foster-based, which means we don't have a physical location. All of our animals live in foster homes until they have been fixed, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. This also allows us to work on any behavioral or health issues 24/7 before adoption. Once they are ready, we review all adoption applications carefully in order to pick the best home for each pet. 


While we do specialize in cats, we have been known to have the occasional dog for adoption! You might even see a bunny here and there. We rely heavily on donations and our community to care for the foster animals. We are a no kill rescue, so why supporting us, you are supporting the lives of many cats!


Adoptable cats


There isn't anything quite liking adopting a cat or kitten in need! We think the most rewarding pets are the ones that need you as much as you need them. Most of our cats have come from high risk situations, and they want nothing more than a warm place to call their furrever home. 

Every adoption opens up a spot for us to save more animals. By adopting your next best friend from us, you are saving two lives!  

To view our adoptable cats, click here or go to the adopt tab. To fill out an application for a cat you are interested, click here



Not sure if you are ready for a forever commitment, but still want a furry friend or two around? Fostering is the most rewarding part of rescue, and you can be a part of it! 


Because we are a foster based rescue, we need people like you to open up your homes to temporary guests in order to save the lives of more cats. And the best part is, if you try it for a while and decide its not for you, that's okay! You can stop fostering without the guilt of rehoming. 

While it is bittersweet to say goodbye when your fosters get adopted, knowing you helped save them and find them forever homes is more than enough to make it worth it!

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